March 17, 2009

Update 1: Now that I think about it, starting Sunday I was puzzled when going to look for my usual videos, very few changes were apparent versus the day before …. I just thought it was a slow news day. Now I am wondering if Google started their algorithm filtering that day? They really want this new Obama Brown Shirt™ Legislation!

Update 2: I see they allow their own former Communist Beatnik turned Neocon, Michael Savage Weiner to speak out about Obama’s Brown Shirts … he does not connect the dots to this legislation though, but the dynamics are very similar and very important. The video is the third posted below. (this is some very serious gatekeeping)

[efoods]Update 3: Search the pdf of the bill HR 1388 for “mandatory” and you will find two results. One on page 43 and another on page 285.

Rat Says: I can’t find one current video about this Brown Shirt legislation on YouTube. I find it very hard to believe no one has made a video about this communist bill that hits the House today?

Even sadder is that I had to go to Sean Hannity’s forums to find people debating HR 1388:


Does anyone know anything about HR 1388 and exactly what it is?? It will create a Uniformed Force of 250,000 members, that’s a force greater than the number of troops we now have in Iraq, a virtual army. A force of 5,000 per state if evenly divided, more realistically the force will be deployed according to the size and population of each state. It talks about a volunteer force, yet speaks of 3 year obligations as in a Draft, and a pay scale of from $17,000 to $22,000.

The bill mentions but does not elaborate in any detail exactly what its mission is or what authority it may have over any community in which it is deployed. It would apparently be controlled from the White House through the Cabinet, and would be another layer of government with powers that might usurp State Sovereignty relative to established organizations like Education, Conservation, Health, Natural Disasters, etc and Public Safety at City, County and State levels.

Public Safety seems over broad with no specifics. What is the purpose of City Police, County Sheriffs, State Troopers and the National Guard, if not Public Safety? Just What would this Uniformed Public Safety Force be responsible for? Would it have the power to usurp local agencies?

The ‘p’resident The Marxist Imam Obama talked about a “Civilian Security Force” on a par with the US Military to react to Natural Disasters, and “Civil Unrest”.

Is this that “Civilian Security Force” created by a “Judas Goat Bill” that will if enacted will result in a USSR of America Brown Shirt Organization? ? ? ?

See HR 1388 at: http://www.opencongress.org/bill/all

The only videos I could find are exactly a year old, almost as if someone using algorithms set a cut off date!!! hmmm …search on YouTube for “give act” or HR 1388 nothing!!!

GIVE Act: Communist Chairman George Miller (March 11, 2008)


GIVE Act: Communist Carolyn McCarthy(March 11, 2008)


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