Kurt Nimmo
February 8, 2012

Article 54 of the Geneva Protocol prohibits starvation as a method of war. This is precisely what the United States, Europe and the United Nations did in Iraq. They imposed a medieval embargo and tried to starve the nation into submission. The result was over 500,000 dead children, which Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeline Albright said was a price worth paying. Over the span of ten years, child mortality in Iraq went from one of the lowest in the world, to the highest.

photoBush Senior, Clinton and Bush Junior targeted children in Iraq.

George Bush Senior’s sanctions, carried over by his son and Clinton, resulted in starvation, malnutrition, and disease epidemics not only of children, but the the entire population of Iraq with the exception of Saddam Hussein and his coterie.

“We are now… responsible for killing people, destroying their families, their children, allowing their older parents to die for lack of basic medicines,” said Denis Halliday, a former UN official, in 2000, three years before Bush Junior finished off the country and paved the path to the slaughter of an additional 1.5 million Iraqis. Halliday said the sanctions amounted to genocide.

Obama, the European Union, and the United Nations are doing the same in Iran.

According to a Reuters report today, the sanctions imposed on Iran are resulting in the country having problems buying rice, cooking oil and other staples to feed its 74 million people.

It is not simply oil the sanctions target, but all kinds of imports, according to commodities traders.

Traders of palm oil – the source of half of Iran’s consumption of a food staple used to make margarine and confectionary, according to Reuters – halted sales to Iran because the sanctions have made it impossible to get paid.

Iran has defaulted on payments to rice suppliers in India. Ukraine has cut in half its shipments of maize to the country.

The price of rice, a main staple of the Iranian diet, has skyrocketed from $2 a kilo to $5 while the value of the rial is plummeting. Maize is used as animal feed and the price has tripled to nearly $30 a kilo.

“Control over food confers ultimate power: prevent people from eating for a few weeks and they will not cause you much trouble thereafter,” writes Geoffrey Leslie Simons in his book, The scourging of Iraq: sanctions, law, and natural justice.

Simons quotes a writer commenting on economic sanctions imposed by the League of Nations, the predecessor to the United Nations. The writer said that in order for sanctions to be effective a sufficient number of women and children must starve.

“This is the philosophy that Washington began to apply to Iraq in August of 1009 and which still prevails today,” Simon wrote in 1998, several years before the sanctions imposed on Iraq officially ended with the invasion of that country.

It is a philosophy Obama and his fellow war criminals in Europe and the United Nations are using today against Iran.

Before long they will engage in even more barbarous war crimes after Israel bombs Iran’s suspected nuclear sites and the United States follows up with a general bombardment of the country’s civilian infrastructure not dissimilar from the bombardment of Iraq and Yugoslavia, both Nuremberg level war crimes.

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