The Trump administration will “artificially” put more money in paychecks to gain support for 2018 midterms, according to globalist publication The Nation.

“Trump’s team could artificially goose US paychecks in 2018 to make the tax cut look bigger for the working class in advance of midterm elections,” wrote David Dayen of The Nation.

Trump and Republican leadership are “weirdly confident” a shift in public opinion over the tax cut bill will occur once the cuts take effect in February, Dayen said.

“February is when tax-withholding tables would change to reflect the new code. Once that formula for estimating what comes out of paychecks gets tweaked, Americans will feel richer, spend their windfall, rocket-launch the economy, and fall to their knees thanking Republicans for the good times ahead. And GOP leaders are weirdly confident about this. Why?”

“Maybe it’s because the person ultimately responsible for those withholding tables is a Trump political appointee serving as the ‘acting’ commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.”

The article goes on to say the reason Trump wants the cuts to go into effect February is to prime voters to support Republicans in the 2018 elections.

“Individual tax cuts are very skewed to the top 5 percent. But if the withholding tables are tweaked to give the middle class more in their paycheck, it can look more like a broad-based cut,” Dayen wrote.

“Sure, workers may have to give a lot of that back to the government the next tax year, but that won’t be until April 2019, well after the midterms.”

It’s clear the left is preparing for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s success, and is attempting to downplay that by suggesting any tax breaks the American people see in their paychecks are only attributed to corrupt activity by the Trump administration.

After all, that’s what they said about Trump’s election victory – alleging his win was only due to criminal collusion with the Russian government, not with the support of the American people backed by 306 Electoral College votes.

That’s also what they said about Trump’s travel ban, despite the fact it was declared constitutional by the Supreme Court.


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