Jurriaan Maessen
January 10, 2013

Glenn Beck on Alex Jones’ showdown with Piers Morgan: “this guy’s a real danger”, and “That sounds like the ravings of a fascist. That’s what that sounds like. And, quite honestly, I believe that’s what that guy is.”

Joining a choir of liberals, self described “conservative” Glenn Beck called Alex Jones a “fascist” on his radio show just after the Morgan-Jones showdown on CNN. An interesting comment from a self declared comedian who has for many-a-year studied and emulated Jones, realizing that truth attracts listeners. By doing so, Beck hopes to perhaps jump on the bandwagon of hard-hitting talk radio.

In the weird setup of his “Blaze” show (the master sitting just a little bit higher than his two minions, complacently smiling at them- even allowing them to bring in a point of view from time to time), Beck discussed Alex Jones’ performance on Piers Morgan. After making his usual sophomoric ape-sounds, echoed by his two lady-friend’s snarls and giggles, Glenn Beck does his standard impression of a more or less “serious” commentator, stating that although he thinks Piers Morgan is no friend of the Second Amendment, Alex Jones is a “raving fascist.” After airing a clip from the confrontation between Jones and Morgan (from 09.30), the first thing Beck says is “this guy’s a real danger.”

At some point, one of Beck’s minions (the one decorating his desk with a skull) fell completely through the floor in his attempt at verbally sledgehammering Alex Jones:

“This is how they want every tea-partier to seem like that guy: the screaming moron, the fat moron that you see screaming at the street corner.”

After this pathetic meltdown, Beck looses all composure, bluntly stating that he believes Alex Jones to be a fascist:

“That sounds like the ravings of a fascist. That’s what that sounds like. And, quite honestly, I believe what that guy is”, Beck stated.

Consider Glenn Beck. Here’s some rotten fruit that fell out of the apple-basket to appease conservatives nationwide. And what’s worse, the man has for many years now copy-pasted Alex Jones in order to gain traction among a great part of the American people. In any case, if anyone’s “fascist”, it’s warmongers like Glenn Beck who cheered on George W. Bush and the neocons when they set out to turn Iraq into a parking lot, leaving a pile of countless dead Iraqis and US soldiers in their wake.

Re-posting his opinions of Alex Jones on the website Glennbeck.com, he did not repeat his “fascist” remarks, but did regurgitate his disgust for Jones for his views on 9/11:

“Now whether you like this guy or don’t like this guy is up to you. He has proven himself to be a dishonest conspiracy freak. I mean to the point ‑‑ he’s the guy who is ‑‑ he is the author of the 9/11 conspiracy theory. Anyone who thinks that Popular Mechanics is a CIA front probably should ‑‑ probably should get a nap in, maybe around 4:00 this afternoon.”

Perhaps Beck is still upset with Alex Jones, when the latter exposed him of being a shill of the new world order, trying to appease libertarians into this idealized, sweater-wearing type of conservative who walks around all day radiating conservatism whilst doing nothing to stop the global mega-banks from consolidating absolute power. Without resorting to drastic labels like “fascism”, here’s what Alex Jones had to say about Beck in 2009:

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