Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said the FBI having a spy embedded in the Trump campaign under Obama’s watch is unfolding into the biggest scandal in U.S. history.

“Well, I think it’s rapidly becoming the biggest and most sobering political scandal in American history,” he told Hannity on Monday. “Somebody pointed out earlier, back when J. Edgar Hoover was spying at Lyndon Johnson’s behest on Richard Nixon, we thought it was terrible. Back when they had a break in at Watergate, we thought it was terrible.”

“This is a multi-year effort that has two different fronts. People need to always remember that. One front was protecting, propping up, covering up for Bill and Hillary Clinton. The other front, as Trump became more and more serious, the other front was to stop Trump at any cost.”

Gingrich emphasized that the corruption is so deep and pervasive at the top of government agencies like the FBI.

“And again, remember, we’re not taking about the everyday FBI agent doing their job. We’re talking about people at the top. And those people were so corrupt and so arrogant that they thought they could get away with anything. So they just proceeded down the road, protecting Hillary, covering up Hillary, giving immunity to people who are breaking the law and then going after Trump and going after Trump supporters.”

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