Matthew R. Farrell
New Jersey Newsroom
July 9, 2012


Recently released CIA documents show that President George W. Bush was warned of an imminent terrorist attack months before 9/11. Although the Senior Executive Intelligence Briefings were very vague at first, they began to increasingly suggest an attack by al-Qaeda in a major U.S. city as September approached.

The warnings began in late June. A June 23 brief, titled “Bin Laden Attacks May Be Imminent [redacted],” reported that multiple sources had suggested that authorities should “expect Bin Laden to lauch attacks over the coming days, possibly against U.S. or Israeli interests.”

Two days later another brief corroborated, if not wholly confirmed, the information in the previous brief. It reported that an Arabic news channel interviewed Bin Laden, where he told them to expect a “severe blow” to U.S. and Israeli interests over the next two weeks. According to the brief, there was no footage of the interview, but accounts of the Bin Laden’s security measures were consistent with CIA intelligence.

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