Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush called out Austin, Texas’ homeless policies after he was the victim of a crime near a homeless camp this week.

In a tweet published Tuesday, the Bush dynasty heir showed photos of his vehicle’s windows smashed in, with a rock seen sitting on the driver’s side floorboard, and laid the blame on the city’s homeless population.

“This morning, my vehicle was broken into near one of the homeless camps in downtown ATX,” wrote the son of failed 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

“These camps pose a serious safety concern for Austin residents,” Bush acknowledged, adding, “It’s far past time to reinstate camping ban.”

In a subsequent tweet, Bush, who lives in Austin, also highlighted the proximity of homeless camps to a hike and bike trail, and criticized the “lawlessness” in the city, adding that Austin “isn’t San Francisco.”

The Austin American-Statesman reports no arrests have been made in connection to the break-in.

The city’s homeless problem gained national attention last week after a fire broke out at a massive subterranean homeless camp the size of three football fields in North Austin.

After fire crews recovered hundreds of used syringes at the camp, an Austin city councilwoman came under fire for claiming the needles could be insulin shots.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been at the forefront of calling out city leaders for exacerbating the homeless crisis.

Problems appear to have accelerated after the city council passed a resolution last June allowing the homeless to camp virtually anywhere in the city.

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