Don Cooper
Lew Rockwell
March 27, 2009

George Carlin was right: this country was bought and paid for a long time ago and it’s run by the banks and the state. I knew this but I’m not sure I understood it until recently.

[efoods]I recently took a new job in Milwaukee, Wi. In preparation for my relocation I called my creditors in an effort to responsibly manage my finances and see if for the month or two that I would be financially overburdened with the move if I could defer my payments. That small sum of money would be immeasurable in helping us shoulder the costs of relocation. My new company is reimbursing me, of course, but I still have to incur the costs up front. My creditors were more than willing to help except for Bank of America. I was in good standing with BOA and didn’t think it would be a problem.

Unfortunately, it was. I was told not only would they not grant me a monthly deferment but they were cancelling my credit cards! This wasn’t the first time I had run-in with BOA: I’ve been banking with them for about 2.5 years, in good standing, but on the rare occasion have overdrawn my checking account using my debit card. What I noticed was that if a transaction would overdraw my checking account and at the same time there were other pending transactions, BOA would process the largest transaction first, causing all the smaller transactions to overdraw my account to which they would charge me a $35 overdraft fee for each one. They would do this rather than posting the smaller transactions first and posting the largest one last therefore incurring only the one overdraft fee.

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