Gab founder Andrew Torba blamed the mainstream corporate media for inciting violence against his family Wednesday, after his parents were targeted in an alleged terror attack.

“Just got a call from my parents—who are not home—their neighbor smelled gas, called the fire company,” Torba wrote on Twitter. “Someone turned on the propane tank on my parent’s gas grill, turned the burner on, and let the propane leak out.”

Describing the act as “terrorism,” Torba attributed the violence to skewed press coverage of his free speech platform Gab, which came under fire after this weekend’s deadly synagogue shooting.

“This is terrorism, incited by the media.”

News of the act comes as Torba told Infowars earlier this week his family was receiving death threats following widespread criticism of his social media site, after it was revealed synagogue shooting suspect Robert Bowers had a Gab account.

In a follow-up Twitter post, Torba showed how media articles were placing photos of him and his wife alongside photos of Bowers, further associating him with the shooting.

Gab’s creators took the website offline earlier this week after issues with domain registration companies and payment processors, but Torba promises it’ll be up in time for the midterms and possibly by this weekend.


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