Nadia Murad, a young Yazidi woman who escaped enslavement and torture by ISIS and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by the Iraqi government, testified before Congress Tuesday about her experiences and the pressing need for Muslims to condemn the radical terrorist group’s ideology.

“I am not saying that ISIS represents the Islam,” Murad told the Senate Homeland Security Committee with the aid of a translator, “but ISIS is using the Islam to commit these crimes, and this needs to stop as an ideology first. Many people in the area they had the choice to leave when ISIS came, but they were happy to join the Islamic State when they came.”

“I delivered this message to Egypt and to Kuwait because this, what is happening, is been happening under the name of Islam,” she explained, “people there they have a sympathy, and they said this does not represent us, but we have not seen that Daesh has been labeled as infidel group within Islam from any Muslim country.”

Murad referenced her December trip to Cairo saying, “I ask the leader of al-Azhar in Cairo is to say that ISIS is an infidel group within Islam, and he has not committed to it yet.”

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