WASHINGTON, D.C. – The non-profit citizen group Free Our Internet (FOI)  is launching on Independence Day, July 4, a new campaign aimed at combatting efforts by big government, Silicon Valley monopolies and the tech-left to hijack the Internet.

The “Net Freedom Ring” campaign will commence on July 4th and calls for internet independence from government regulations such as the FCC’s 2015 so-called “Net Neutrality” rules pushed by President Obama that were designed institutionalize the censorship that Internet portal giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter impose on conservative and libertarian websites including Infowars.com.

Beginning on July 4, the campaign will include social media outreach, a platform for concerned digital citizens to submit comments to the FCC on the issue, and a Snapchat campaign in Washington, D.C.

The campaign launches ahead of the July 12 planned “Day of Action”, an effort coordinated by well-funded, Soros-backed pressure groups and Silicon Valley monopolies like Amazon, Netflix and Twitter to protest the rollback of the Obama rules.

“In 2015, Silicon Valley content gatekeepers, together with globalist elites like George Soros and their leftist activist allies in Washington launched a coordinated campaign with the Obama Administration to establish government control over our internet,” said Free Our Internet executive director Christie-Lee McNally.

“As predicted, the tech-left and Silicon Valley moved almost immediately after the rules were passed to tighten their grip on this critical platform for the free flow of ideas and free expression,” McNally continued.

“Ironically, the very same Silicon Valley monopolies who pushed hardest for government rules to prevent blocking, throttling and censorship of internet content, today stand accused of the exact same behavior they denounced only two years ago. McNally.

The Net Freedom Ring Campaign will work to educate the public and provide the American people with a voice to advocate for a truly free and open internet by rolling back the partisan “Net Neutrality rules passed by Obama’s FCC in 2015.

As Infowars.com has repeatedly warned, Soros-allied forces on the far-left coined the intentionally deceptive “Net Neutrality” phrase to deceive the public into thinking the Obama-era rules would preserve the Internet as a free marketplace of ideas, when the reality remains “Net Neutrality” rules were designed to accomplish precisely the opposite.

“Our campaign will set the record straight and shine a light on the misinformation and deception by the tech-left,” said McNally.

“The sad reality is that a small handful of leftist super-elites are already partnering with powerful corporate lobbies and the government to take over our means of communication, organizing and mobilizing,” she stressed

“The ‘Net Freedom Ring’ cmapaign will remind the public that a truly open internet belongs to the people, not to the federal government and their corporate monopoly sponsors in Silicon Valley,” McNally emphasized. “Our goal with this project is to return power to the people, where it belongs.”

Infowars.com has previously documented Google, together with George Soros’ Open Society Institution and the Ford Foundation have spent more than $72 million dollars to non-profit leftist organizations that have been the most active in promoting the idea that the Internet needs to be regulated by the government as a “common carrier” public utility under the Communications Act – the same regulatory framework crafted decades ago to regulate the old rotary phone system.

Infowars.com has previously warned that Google and the largest communications giants on the Internet lobbied the federal government to define broadband under these 1930s-style regulations – a designation that would allow the government to regulate more rigorously the broadband providers that built the core network connecting users to the Internet as “common carriers.”

By design, this exempts content monopolies like Google and Facebook from the strict regulations the FCC would apply to common carriers – a scheme that would allow Google, Facebook, and the other Internet portal giants to censor conservatives as “fake news,” while demanding that “common carriers” like AT&T and Verizon have no choice but to carry their censored content.

The implementation of these 2015 Obama-era “Net neutrality” regulations, which were heavily pushed by Google in hundreds of closed-door meetings at the Obama White House, carved out Google and the other Silicon Valley behemoths, and secured their position as absolute information gatekeepers.

Since these 2015 regulations passed, Internet giant portals like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have moved to become the judge, jury and executioner of the contact we read on the Internet, under the guise of eliminating “fake news.”

The “Let Freedom Ring” website, lays out the facts of “Net Neutrality” as follows:

  • Keeping the current “Net Neutrality” rules in place is a critical agenda item for Silicon Valley CEOs – it allows them greater control over internet content and an unchecked opportunity to censor free expression online.
  • Silicon Valley’s elite want to, and continue to, block content they do not agree with – political or otherwise.
  • Keeping the Obama-era “Net Neutrality” regulations in place continues to provide the tech-left the perfect opportunity to prioritize their own content, and keep whichever content they choose out of view for internet users – all at their own discretion.
  • The Soros-funded AstroTurf “non-profits” were easily able to push their agenda in coordination with the Obama Administration, and making sure these rules remain is their top priority since it gives big government the power over content, to hike consumer costs, and to deeply meddle with the inner workings of our communications networks.
  • Free speech is as vital today as ever, and as the conversation continues to shift to the internet, this pivotal final communications frontier must be preserved as a truly open forum for sharing ideas.

The “Let Freedom Ring” website includes an “FCC Connect” section that allows you to file a comment with the FCC, by filling out the information in the Internet form to tell President Trump’s FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to ‘Free Our Internet’ by repealing the Obama-era “Net Ne

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