May 22, 2013

Perazzi SPA, the Italian gun manufacturer, has issued a press release claiming the story about the alleged arrest of Daniele Perazzi, reported as the founder of the gun manufacturing company, is a hoax.

In response, Fox News pulled the story, which used as source.

630 KHOW in Denver posted the following video on the incident:

In addition to sourcing Fox News, we sourced the Gun Rights Examiner. That website has posted the Perazzi statement, as follows (translated from the Italian):


With regard to reports in the American press, in relation to an alleged arrest for “terrorism” by Daniele Perazzi (founder of Perazzi Armi SpA), we point out that the news is completely devoid of any foundation. Daniele Perazzi is however, unfortunately, failed to live for about a year. Even his son, Mauro, was last Saturday in the USA. As reported in the press is absolutely false. The company Perazzi, however, contrary to what is written, is familiar with the American legislation on weapons because of his extensive and well-known activities of marketing its products in the USA. Since it is difficult to think of simple error, it is believed that someone who has interests contrary to those of the Perazzi SpA, may have spread false and misleading information purposes only defamatory. The company has already instructed his lawyers to take the most appropriate actions, civil and criminal, in order to protect the brand represented and its activity, carried on the American market. Perazzi Armi SpA

PRESS RELEASE From Perazzi SpA With reference to press reports Concerning Daniele Perazzi’s alleged unlawful arrest for terrorism last Saturday in Denver (Colorado), That we were the incident is devoid of any foundation and the news is completely fabricated. Daniele Perazzi (founder of Perazzi SpA) died last year, and his son Mauro was not in the United States last Saturday. The Perazzis are not involved in. any wrongdoing in any way, shape or form and, to our best knowledge, are not under investigation or scrutiny nor are targets of criminal proceedings. The Perazzi Company, contrarily to what Has Been Reported, is very familiar with the U.S. legislation on two weapons to its extensive presence in the American market. Perazzi is considering to take legal action to protect the brand and the Company’s reputation in the USA. Perazzi SpA

David Codrea, who writes for the Gun Rights Examiner, explained on May 19 that he also used the Fox News story as a source, as well as the comments of “a very well-known Second Amendment attorney.”

“I also called the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and left a voice mail with the Public Information Officer. As it was Sunday, no one answered and no call has been returned,” Codrea explains.

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