Dolly Kyle, the former high school girlfriend of Bill Clinton, writes that Bill and Hillary Clinton used racial epithets and looked down on poor people.

Kyle makes the accusation in her book, Hillary: The Other Woman.

In addition to calling mentally disabled children at a Governor’s mansion Easter egg hunt “fucking ree-tards,” Kyle says Hillary referred to the people of Arkansas as “ignorant hillbillies.”

Hillary also allegedly used the derogatory terms “stupid kike” and “fucking Jew bastard.”

Bill, Kyle insists, called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a “goddamned nigger.”

Latinos were similarly slandered and profiled.

“For no good reason, Bill and Hillary decided to profile Hispanics as drug dealers,” Kyle writes. “Specifically, [Arkansas] troopers were to stop and search cars driven by Hispanics, especially those cars with Texas license plates.”

Clinton’s Criminal Apprehension Program was ruled unconstitutional.

“Billy threw one of his infamous temper tantrums about the ban on his racial profiling of Hispanics and he threatened to renew the racial profiling program in spite of the court’s ruling,” writes Kyle.

The Daily Beast notes Clinton’s Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, authored by then-Senator Joe Biden, was supported by virtually every Democrat in Congress, including then-Representative Bernie Sanders. Critics say the legislation led to the mass incarceration of black Americans.

“Bill Clinton presided over the largest increase in federal and state prison inmates of any president in American history,” notes legal scholar Michelle Alexander. She accused the Clintons of “decimat[ing] black America” and said Hillary does not deserve the black vote.

In response to pressure by Black Lives Matter, Hillary apologized for her role in pushing for the bill.

Despite Hillary’s racism, a large number of blacks, especially in the South, turned out to vote for Clinton during the primaries.

“Both Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have traditionally had solid support from blacks, a key component of the Democratic electorate,” notes The Huffington Post.

In May, a Fox News poll revealed 62% of Latino voters favored Clinton over rival Donald Trump.

“There’s a more hospitable tone that Hillary Clinton is taking in terms of communicating with Hispanics,” Evelyn Perez-Verdia, analyst with Political Pasión, told Fox News Latino. “Compared to Donald Trump, it’s a much different message.”

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