We Are Change
October 15, 2008


Mario Cuomo, former NY Governor talks 911 truth with RI C.H.A.N.G.E member Nathan Florence, all the while Richard Haass cowers in his car from the camera.

Former Gov. Cuomo commented about a potential new investigation of 9/11 that “It would be nice to have one because there are a lot of open questions, but before you do that, we have so many other things to devote our attention to. I wouldn’t do it at this point. We don’t need any new issues.”

Cuomo acknowledged that victim’s family members’ questions were never answered and also acknowledged the mystery presented by WTC Building 7’s sudden and complete collapse.

We Are Change Rhode Island’s Nathan Florence asked how we can justify WTC7. Cuomo admitted, “We can’t.”

As he walked away, Gov. Cuomo said that he would, perhaps, give it more thought.

A positive interview, perhaps, because Cuomo was at least willing to acknowledge that there are issues with 9/11, and was polite enough to speak with We Are Change cameras.

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