Matt Ryan
August 30, 2010

The Kansas City Star published an article stating that the new flu vaccines are available and that everyone should get one. The opening phrase sets a strange tone, “Just after the news that “swine flu” is no longer a global threat, it’s time to roll up our sleeves for another shot.”

The article continues:

These are some of the concerns you can lay to rest.

•No need to worry about the safety of H1N1 vaccine. While some worried last year that the shot for this novel virus hadn’t been tested adequately, Norman said: “I think we feel a terrific amount of comfort with the H1N1 vaccine. … It has a very, very favorable safety profile.”

•No need to worry about getting a shot too early, experts said. Immunity is good for at least six months — enough to get through peak flu season — and perhaps as long as a year.

•No need to worry about shortages. Without glitches, plenty of shots and nasal spray should be available.

While this article may ignore the countless studies and incidents reported around the world of severe and sometimes deadly side effects of the vaccine, it also ignores the heart of people’s concerns. Australia banned the vaccine after children suffered serious side-effects, Finland suspended swine flu shots after they were linked with neurological disorder, and the Telegraph reported on links between flu jabs and “fits” in children under 5. These concerns aren’t addressed by the article calling for everyone to roll up their sleeve and take the shot.

There is a glimmer of hope. The reader comments are almost entirely made up of statements against vaccines citing the same concerns that have been covered up by most of the mainstream media. One comment states, “Sweden’s Medical Products Agency (MPA) has started to investigate H1N1 vaccine Pandemrix, which has been linked to narcoleptic on the request of the European Commission.” Another says, “Here they go again, they tried it last year and a few suckers ran and got it. Thankfully more people now have done the research and discovered that this shot is not safe and you should avoid it at all cost. However, like PT Barnum, ‘a sucker is born every minute’……”

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This is a clear sign that people are waking up and learning to question and research what they hear. While many news sources would make the vaccines sound completely safe, they continually deny the fact that there are very real dangers associated with them. In many cases, the cure can be worse than the disease.


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