Activists who see to reopen Florida’s economy and push back against mask orders discovered the anomalous death while scanning Florida’s publicly available information. The activists noted that while several other cases may seem anomalous as the patient did not die of COVID-19, but instead while sick with COVID-19, this death is listed as “gunshot wound of head.”

Reopen Florida activists claim that while reading Florida’s own publicly available COVID-19 information, they discovered that one man included in the total list of COVID-19 deaths is registered to have died from “gunshot wound of head.”

The activists also discovered that dozens of deaths “had no Covid-19 complications at all” or “even a contributing cause of death.”

From Reopen Florida:

As of July 17, 2020 the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office reported a total of 580 deaths in the county, 79 fewer than the 659 reported by local media.  But that’s not the only discrepancy.

Shockingly, 8 of the 580 patients had no Covid-19 complications at all listed as their cause of death or even a contributing cause of death.  Those 8 patients died from events such as a gunshot wound to the head,  hip fracture, congestive heart failure, or Parkinson’s disease yet all 8 patients were included on the list of Covid-19 deaths by the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner.

Another 78 cases have a primary cause of death that is not related to Covid-19.  These patients only have a “contributory” cause of death listed as Covid-19.  “Contributory” causes are those that did not directly cause the death of the patient.  Those 78 patients had a direct cause of death such as congestive heart failure, kidney cancer, blunt head trauma, and metastatic pancreatic cancer and were also counted as Covid-19 deaths.

National File recently reported that Florida health authorities admitted they counted the death of a man who died in a motorcycle accident as a COVID-19 death, with the official stammering about how the accident could have been caused by the man’s COVID-19 symptoms.

A local Fox affiliate in Florida also received national attention when they busted several Florida COVID-19 labs sending out completely fraudulent information. One such lab claimed that 98% of tests they processed were positive, but local media was able to establish the actual number was only 9.4%.

National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley recently spoke with Chris Nelson, one activist in Broward County, Florida, pushing back against the local government’s COVID-19 response:

A recent scientific paper explains how 5G creates coronavirus like structures within human cells

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