Comedian Chris Rock imparted from practical advice for the black community on how to avoid violent confrontations with law enforcement.

In a bit from his 90s’s-era HBO show “The Chris Rock Show,” Rock gives several tips to his black brethren on how not to get their “ass kicked” during an encounter with police.

“People in the black community – myself – have often worried that we might be a victim of police brutality,” Rock told the audience. “So, as a public service, The Chris Rock Show proudly presents this educational video.”

In the sketch, Rock explains the “common sense” actions for blacks to take when pulled over by police: obey the law, pull over immediately, be polite, turn off loud music, “shut the fuck up”, “get a white friend”, and “don’t ride with a mad woman.”

“If you follow these simple pointers, you probably won’t get your ass kicked by the police,” Rock concludes.

The years-old comedy bit has resurfaced on social media after several black individuals were shot or killed by police while violently resisting arrest, leading to months-long rioting across America.

In May, the left descended into riots after George Floyd was killed by police, but police cam footage showed Floyd continually resisted arrest.

In June, Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by Atlanta police outside a Wendy’s after resisting arrest, reaching for a police officer’s taser, and fleeing the scene.

And most recently, a black man in Wisconsin was shot several times by police after being uncooperative with their commands and reaching into his vehicle.

If these men had followed Rock’s advice, none of these violent incidents likely would have never happened.

The World After Democrats Defund The Police.

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