Footage from 1992 shows a black business owner angrily condemning rioters who destroyed his business following the Rodney King riots in LA, an eerie parallel to scenes currently emerging from Minneapolis.

In the decades-old clip being shared across social media, the man walks up and down the street holding a hammer as he yells, “You burnt down my store! I worked so hard for this! It’s not right! It’s not right! It’s not right what ya’ll doing! I’m came from the ghetto too, same as all of you did!”

The person who shared the clip, @CountDankulaTV, added the man’s “truck was also set on fire.”

The disheartening scene unfortunately played out again in the wake of the George Floyd riots, as another black business owner who used his life savings to open up a bar sobbed as rioters and looters destroyed everything he had.

Kaitlin discusses last night’s events in Minnesota

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