Finland’s new millennial-female-run feminist government is already governing by Instagram poll.

From Reuters, “‘Seriously, Finland?’ Red-faced minister deletes Instagram poll“:

Finland’s finance minister deleted an Instagram post and issued an apology on Friday after criticism by a human rights group that embarrassed the new, women-led government days after it took office.

Katri Kulmuni, who became finance minister only this week, had posted an informal poll on whether the government should allow Finnish women with links to Islamic State to return from Syria, or just their children.

The poll asked her Instagram followers whether they backed repatriating “children only” or “children and mothers” from the al-Hol camp in a part of Syria held by Kurds. Kulmuni’s Centre Party opposes letting the mothers return to Finland.

[…] “My aim to have a discussion on social media about a complicated topic failed. I apologize for the poll,” Kulmuni tweeted on Friday. “My IG (Instagram) poll aroused condemnation, it has been removed. The style was unsuccessful.”

Kulmini sent out two tweets about it:

The media has spent the entire week hailing this new millennial-female-run government as a monumental achievement which will “change the world.”

They’re “changing the world” by holding Instagram polls on whether to repatriate Jihadis.

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