Kurt Nimmo
October 1, 2008

Alex Jones and financial expert Max Keiser analyze the Great Banker Swindle of the Century.

Once again, I am reminded of Strother Martin’s memorable line in Cool Hand Luke, especially pertinent now with the recent passing of Paul Newman. “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach, so you get what we had here last week which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. And I don’t like it any more than you,” declared Martin’s character, the Captain of Road Prison 36.

It seems the corporate media has failed to communicate the reason behind the banker swindle, now called a “rescue plan” in the district of criminals. It’s not so much a failure as an engineered distraction.

Grubbing around for explanations, Scientific American tells us it might be a question of testosterone. “High levels of testosterone are correlated with riskier financial behavior, new research suggests,” writes the magazine. “Men with more of the sex hormone made riskier investments than guys with lower levels, according to a study published online yesterday in Evolution and Human Behavior. Just how much riskier? Those with 33 percent more testosterone than average men invested 10 percent more of their dough.”

Anna Dreber, a co-author of this preposterous study, tells us rogue traders “have been shown to make more money on days when their testosterone levels are higher, scientists reported earlier this year. Levels of the male sex hormone are known to rise when people win a sports competition; a male-dominated workplace such as a financial institution may perpetuate those elevated levels as colleagues strike gold and egg one another on.”

How very politically correct. Of course, this glosses over the issue entirely.

The level of male hormone present in traders is irrelevant, a minor side issue at best. It’s all about monetary policy, the creation of funny money out of thin air, credit expansion, the stock market and housing bubbles, purposely inflated and engineered to burst. It has more to do with banker socialism – that is, dumping the losses on you and me — and explicit bailout guarantees than aggressive males taking inordinate risks.

“The behavior of the investment community reflects the incentive structure that has been put in place by the authorities. Investors have learnt to dance to the tunes of the pied pipers at high places,” writes Antony Mueller. “After all, the individual market player could see from those who were ahead of him in the abandonment of prudence how money is being made. In the wake of this, financial companies have become overextended and are now in need of deleveraging. Yet the core problem lies in the imbalances of the real economy.”

As usual, the corporate media is concentrating on things that really do not matter. Instead of analyzing the real cause of the crash — a fatal blow delivered by funny money and staggering debt at the behest of one-worlders and banksters — they are off to the PC victimhood races, diverting attention once again to the scourge of the earth, rapacious males.

Of course, when we are down on the farm, the global plantation, working for a pittance as slaves do now in China, we’re going to look around for somebody to blame for our endless misery.

Going after a guy with a hormone problem two or three steps up on the ladder will simply serve as a grand distraction. It won’t get anywhere near the source of the problem.

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