While taking part in a nuclear summit in South Korea in March 2012, a hot microphone picked up the voice of a deeply worried Barack Obama. The President leaned over, placed his hand on Russian President Dimitri Medvedev’s right forearm, and held tight. Obama whispered, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

Medvedev placed his hand on top of Obama’s and assured him, “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir. I stand with you.”

This chilling exchange was not a scene from a Cold War inspired spy movie where an American President is being blackmailed by evil Russkies. It was real! President Obama was promising Russian policy would become American policy in exchange for “space”, he needed just a little more time. In response, “good cop” Medvedev indicated he would put in the good word with “bad cop” Vladimir, “I stand with you.”

The highly suspicious exchange was obviously the back end of an earlier, unfinished dialogue between Medvedev and Obama, which could have begun like this:

Medvedev: Vladimir is growing impatient, if you want to be reelected, you must deliver or he will leak the information.

Obama: No, no please! Help me work something out.

Was President Barack Obama blackmailed by Russia? The stunning and inexplicable pro-Russia policies Obama undertook during his first term gives us every reason to believe Obama was under Putin’s control, right under our noses:

1 – Upon taking office in January 2009, Obama canceled the planned US missile defense system in Eastern Europe that Vladimir Putin had bitterly opposed. Mitt Romney called this action “a gift to Russia” while Putin called Obama’s move “correct and brave.”

2 – Under cover of the now infamous “reset”, the US set up a joint commission to transfer previously forbidden technology to Russia.

3 – The US approved the transfer of 20% of American uranium deposits to a Russian company, Uranium One. In addition, Putin scuttled an agreement on disposal of weapons-grade plutonium with no response from Obama.

4 – Best of all for Russia, Obama implemented a policy of American disengagement from the world, billed as “leading from behind,” which abandoned years of bipartisan foreign policy consensus. The US disengagement policy fulfilled Russia’s main, and most elusive, global strategic objective since World War II. Absent American leadership, Russia was left to fill the vacuum and tip the balance of power in its favor where it saw fit. Russia invaded Crimea and intervened in Syria with barely lip service from the White House.

Why would an American President implement pro-Russian policies so antipathical to American interests? What leverage could the Russians have had over Obama, and why was Putin pressing Obama to deliver even more before the 2012 election?

Flashback to 2008: “My father grew up in Kenya herding goats,” Barack Obama declared over  and again during his quest for the oval office. Obama’s invoking of an inspiring family story, backed by his autobiography, Dreams from My Father, served as the basis for the yet unknown Obama’s candidacy. However, as I chronicled in my 2012 film, Dreams from My Real Father, the tale of a noble goat herding father from Africa was false. In fact, Obama had a deeply disturbing paternal story that would have rendered him unelectable. Obama’s “father lie” served up the United States on a silver platter to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service. Vodka glasses no doubt clinked in Moscow as the Russians could hardly believe their good fortune: Barack Obama’s real father was in fact one of their own, Cold War Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis. “Pull the file!” they surely yelled as their laughter turned into celebration and refills of shot glasses. The Russians had plenty of information on their man Frank Marshall Davis, as did the FBI, who had him under surveillance for pro-Soviet espionage and propaganda activity for 20 years.

Who was Soviet agent Frank Marshall Davis?

In Dreams from My Real Father, I presented a mountain of evidence that the Kenyan student Barack Obama had engaged in a sham marriage to cover up an affair between Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, and Frank Marshall Davis. Later that year, in a speech to the National Press Club in Washington DC, I maintained the United States was in grave danger of being blackmailed with a President promoting a fabricated background to hide a real father and mentor who was a Soviet agent. The film also covered Obama’s radicalization by his father, Frank Marshall Davis, into a Marxist, anti-American and anti-White world view.

Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was funded by and took direction from the Soviet Union. In 1930s Chicago, CPUSA was on the lookout for prominent blacks to use as front men to bring other blacks into the Communist movement. They also sought out journalists to spread their revolutionary Marxist messages. Frank Marshall Davis fit the bill on both counts and became one of the first “black Bolsheviks,” joining the CPUSA in 1932. He became a writer for Communist newspapers in Chicago, and worked with a large number of Communist front organizations.

Following WWII, the Russians considered US naval forces in Hawaii to be an obstacle to Soviet expansion in Southeast Asia. Frank Marshall Davis was ordered to Hawaii by the Kremlin in 1948. Upon arrival in Honolulu, Davis dutifully organized a massive strike by the dock workers union, the ILWU, with the goal of taking over the island’s government and expelling US naval forces from Hawaii. Davis’ dock worker’s strike lasted 6 months and eventually failed. Davis stayed in Hawaii and became a writer for the Communist newspaper, The Honolulu Record, where his columns flawlessly mirrored Soviet propaganda. He blamed American capitalism for starting World War II, denounced the Marshall Plan, and demonized President Harry Truman as a fascist, colonialist war monger who was itching to launch World War III. And, anyone opposing Communism was KKK, a white supremacist. He also preached government healthcare, citizenship for illegals, wealth redistribution, and nationalization of industry while bashing Wall Street. In his 600 page FBI file, Davis was observed by agents taking photos of the Hawaiian coastline. Davis was placed on the FBI’s “Security Index A” and designated for immediate arrest in the event of a conflict with the Soviet Union. In 1956, Davis was subpoenaed by the Senate Subcommittee on Un-American Activities and pleaded the fifth (the only Constitutional amendment Davis seemed to like).

Credit Donald Trump for demanding Barack Obama release his sealed Illinois state senate records, college records, passport, and his birth certificate while the mainstream media was only repeating Obama’s tall tales about the Kenyan goat herder. Barack Obama gave the Russians the power to expose him as a fraud and upend his chances for reelection. To think the age-old art of blackmail would not have been used by the Russians against President Obama would be naïve. Given Obama’s inexplicable pro-Russian policies in his first term, Congress should include in their Russia hearings a full investigation into whether Obama was blackmailed by Vladimir Putin, violated his oath of office, and sold out the United States to keep his secret.

Hollywood Film Director Joel Gilbert is the owner of Highway 61 Entertainment. Among his films are political documentaries including There’s No Place Like Utopia (2014), Dreams from My Real Father (2012), Atomic Jihad (2010), and Farewell Israel (2008).

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