Radical feminists are once again channeling their inner-ISIS by attempting to eradicate iconic art from the pages of history.

The Athena Tennis Girl poster is one of the most archetypal images of the last 50 years. It’s sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

But when the Wimbledon Tennis Club announced they would feature the photograph at an exhibition entitled “Powerful Posters”, 3rd wave feminists went to war, tweeting their invective until the Wimbledon Club caved in and apologized.

By the end of the night, some feminists were calling for the poster to be “eradicated from history,” justifying the cultural cleansing of art to appease their warped political dogma, in the same spirit as ISIS militants when they destroy ancient artifacts in the middle east and in the same spirit as Hitler and Stalin, who banned beautiful and iconic art because it didn’t conform with their extremist authoritarian tastes. What Hitler called degenerate, feminists label offensive and misogynistic.

I’m not equating the threat of radical feminism with the threat of ISIS, Hitler or Stalin, but on this level they share the same mindset, which is rooted in the fundamentalist belief that freedom of expression should be curtailed and ultimately sacrificed on the alter of their narrow political agenda.

To police art by enforcing arbitrary standards of political correctness is to completely destroy everything that fuels the creative process.

As Breitbart’s Martin Daubney explains, this effort to purge the Athena Tennis girl was also a cynical exercise in man-shaming.

But if you want to know what a world full of feminist-approved art would look like, just take a look at feminist theater. Just like totalitarian regimes, feminists are keen to promote ugliness, vulgarity and cultural nihilism, as they do through their support of the fat pride movement – while censoring anything that vaguely challenges their twisted ideology.

We saw another example of this last week, when feminists forced DC Comics to pull a cover featuring an image of the Joker and Batgirl – an homage to 1988’s seminal Batman standalone story The Killing Joke. The cover was censored after “threats of violence and harassment” made by feminists.

So now I guess we’re going to have to digitally delete and ban all past and future movies, comic books, video games, TV shows, artwork and books that depict bad guys being violent towards women.

But that’s already happening. As Gamergate has exposed, feminists are attempting to corrupt and undermine the video game industry – another art form – and subvert it with their own brand of social engineering.

The group behind the Athena Tennis Girl hashtag hysterics outrage – Everyday Sexism – weren’t so outraged last week when they completely ignored a tweet by an anti-gun group which said women were too ditzy and stupid to be allowed to exercise their second amendment rights to defend against rape. So again we see hypocritical feminists ignoring actual threats to women’s rights while promoting the subjugation of women as androgynous entities, stripped of their right to use their body to further their own success.

In addition to their total contempt for artistic heritage, we again see this emerging puritanism which is starting to characterize third wave feminism. From their ignorance of violent gang rape victim Cytherea because she was an adult entertainer, to their effort to ban booth babes and page 3 – feminists – who more often than not fit the stereotype of being overweight and ugly – are now using the veil of feminism to hide their bitter vendetta against attractive, successful women, who use their looks to their own advantage.

In other words, feminists are promoting causes which directly harm women prospering in the workplace.

The human body – both male and female – has been celebrated in art since prehistoric times. The effort on behalf of 3rd wave feminists to suppress this art form illustrates once again how radical feminism has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with policing thought and censoring free expression.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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