Feminists accused sex expert Dr. Ruth of promoting “rape culture” after she said she was “100% against rape” and advised women that “if they don’t want to have sex with a man, they should not be naked in bed with him.”

“That’s risky behavior like crossing [the] street against the light,” she also tweeted on Tuesday. “If a driver hits you, he’s legally in the wrong, but you’re in the hospital.”

The tweets enraged feminists and other “social justice warriors” who claimed Dr. Ruth supported rape.

“Dr. Ruth, this reads like you’re only 60% against rape,” one feminist tweeted. “What are you doing?”

And they also accused her of “victim blaming.”

“How does this make you 100% against rape?” Another feminist asked. “Victim blaming at its finest.”

Dr. Ruth likely made the tweets in an attempt to clarify an even more controversial statement she made Monday on “The Diane Rehm Show.”

“I am very worried about college campuses saying that a woman and a man – or two men or two women, but I talk right now about women and men – can be in bed together, Diane, and at one time, naked, and at one time he or she, most of the time they think she, can say ‘I changed my mind,'” she said on the public radio program. “No such thing is possible – in the Talmud, in the Jewish tradition, it says when that part of the male anatomy is aroused and there’s an erection, the brain flies out of that and we have to take that very seriously, so I don’t agree with that.”

And in March, Dr. Ruth told the newspaper Haaretz that “it’s nonsense” to “suddenly” change one’s mind “at the height of sexual arousal.”

“It will lead to many more problems,” she said. “The idea of consent is nonsense – except consent before they are naked in bed.”

Not everyone took offense to Dr. Ruth’s statements.

“If a psychologically well-adjusted woman climbs into bed with a similarly well-adjusted man, neither of whom have a history which places them outside normally responsive behavior, Dr. Ruth is right,” John M. commented in a Times of Israel article on the subject.

Another commenter echoed a similar opinion.

“I would put it another way: If a woman takes off her clothes and gets into bed with a man, then abruptly and arbitrarily says, “No!” she is clearly either a neurotic creep or a sadist, or both,” Stan B. wrote. “And it happens a lot; Millions of females appear to get off on such sexual humiliation of men and do it over and over again (and no, I am not talking about the nervous virgin who can’t quite go through with it this time, or a victim of sexual assault who hasn’t quite recovered. Nor am I referring to a psychologically normal female who discovers that the sheets are, well, used, or that the man refuses to use a condom, or has hidden a video camera in the room, or has a nasty communicable disease.)”

“If the woman is at a man’s residence, and she engages in sudden, arbitrary, and recreational ‘No!’ behavior he should simply throw her out, immediately,” he added. “If her intent was to humiliate him, he should give her enough time to put on her underwear and threaten to call the cops if she isn’t gone in 30 seconds.”

And, in a related article on Twitchy, one commenter said he had no problem with Dr. Ruth’s tweets.

“Not being naked in bed with someone really does help a females chances of not being raped,” ArmchairMike said. “Am I so old fashioned that I just don’t understand the problem with Dr. Ruths tweet?”

But what do you think? Was Dr. Ruth completely out of line or did she have a point? Post your comment below.

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