Aubrey Cohen
Seattlepi Blogs
January 3, 2009

[efoods]The Transportation Security Administration Thursday withdrew its demand for travel writers to give details on how they got an airline security directive.

Federal agents served subpoenas on Chris Elliott and Steven Frischling Tuesday night, looking for details on who leaked a security directive that the writers posted on their blogs. Elliott hired a lawyer to fight the demand, and reported Thursday that the Department of Homeland Security had withdrawn the subpoena.

“The move came after my attorneys were granted an extension on the government request,” Elliott wrote. “I also signaled my intent to challenge the subpoena in federal court next week.”

Frischling, meanwhile, said on Twitter that the TSA had eased off on him as well, writing: “TSA’s Dep Chief Counsel for Enforcement just called me to let me know I am in the clear & good to go!”

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