The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has shut down a proposal by Democrat Commissioner Ellen Weintraub to target the Drudge Report, Infowars, Breitbart and others, stating it cannot “burden the free speech rights of American citizens.”

FEC officials opposed to her plan said it was “premature and counterproductive” because the whole “Russian collusion” narrative lacked concrete facts.

“At this time we do not know all of the facts and cannot support proposals that would burden the free speech rights of American citizens based on incomplete information about foreign activities in the 2016 election,” the FEC said in a statement.

In addition, there’s no evidence to suggest the FEC’s current rules are “inadequate to detect, enforce, and punish violations,” the FEC added.

Weintraub is one of two Democrats serving on the FEC’s five-member board and, interestingly, she has taken at least 30 foreign trips funded by foreign governments and taxpayers while serving at the FEC.

“Weintraub’s trips included a $9,000 week-long junket to Indonesia… on another trip, Weintraub dined with socialist leaders in Albania,” reported the Washington Free Beacon. “Weintraub has taken trips to Mexico, El Salvador, the Philippines, and Honduras.”

As previously reported, Weintraub was laying the groundwork to issue subpoenas to investigate the newsroom decisions of independent media.

“It’s pretty easy to see how this quickly becomes an inquisition into conservative media outlets,” an elections laws expert said to the Washington Examiner. “Commissioner Weintraub appears to be laying the groundwork to subpoena people at Breitbart, Drudge, and Infowars – maybe even Matt Drudge and Alex Jones themselves.”

She was using the “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory as means to censor her political opponents.

But in general, Democrats would not be in this situation had they not abandoned their core base – hard-working, blue collar Americans – to embrace globalism which empowers multinational corporations and banks at the expense of American jobs.

The average US voter is now more aware of the scam job pushed by Democrats and establishment Republicans who claim they’re for “the little guy” while strip-mining the country’s natural resources, sovereignty and inalienable rights for foreign interests.

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