Kurt Nimmo
September 10, 2010

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On the Pittsburgh Steelers’ website we learn that the FBI will offer to digitally fingerprint children:

Fans attending the game with children ages five and older will be able to sign their children up with the FBI’s Child Identification Program. Beginning at pregame and running through halftime, the FBI will be stationed in the southeast end of the Coca-Cola Great Hall, across from Guest Services, and will digitally fingerprint children and provide parents with color photo ID cards on the spot.

The FBI’s Child Identification Program is a component of the IINI, short for the Innocent Images National Initiative, part of the agency’s Cyber Crimes Program and part of the FBI’s child exploitation and pornography investigations.

“The mission of the IINI is to identify, investigate, and prosecute sexual predators who use the Internet and other online services to sexually exploit children, as well as to identify and rescue witting and unwitting child victims. A major operation is the establishment of a law enforcement presence on the internet as a deterrent to subjects that exploit children,” writes Jim Kouri.

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How digitally fingerprinting children at a football game will protect children from sexually exploitation on the internet is not explained.

The Masons also have an initiative to create a database of digital fingerprints, ostensibly to track missing children. CHIP (Masonic Child Identification Programs) programs are supported monetarily at the Grand Lodge level, and are staffed by volunteers from subordinate lodges as well as law enforcement and dental professionals.

Volunteers from Gibralter Lodge No. 19 Prince Hall Affiliate Masonic Lodge in Pontiac, Michigan, submit their children to the Masonic fingerprint program.

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