The father of one of four soldiers killed in Niger told CBS News on Wednesday that President Donald Trump was “real cordial” during their condolence call and listened attentively to his concerns.

Arnold Wright said he spoke with President Trump on Tuesday about the death of his son Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright on October 4th.

From CBS News:

[…]Wright said Mr. Trump was cordial, and listened as he talked.

“He offered his condolences … and then I talked for probably, it was a 20-minute phone call, and I probably talked for 17 minutes of it,” Wright said.

“I talked about Dustin and I told him he needed to be aware that if he has teams in country they need air support…he was not aware of that situation,” Wright added.

Mr. Trump, according to Wright, said he would look into the issue of air support. Wright also said he told Mr. Trump about a colonel who told him his son had air support on hand.

“I shook his hand, when I shook his hand I looked him in the eye and I said, ‘Did my young’un have air support?’ And he said, ‘Yes,’ and that was a lie,” Wright claimed, adding that he saw on the news two hours later that the troops did not have air support.

Wright couldn’t recall the colonel’s name. But he said he is “confident” that as soon as he got off the phone with Mr. Trump, the president asked someone to determine what happened in Niger, and why the team did not have air support at the time.

“I think after my conversation yesterday it will be dealt with,” Wright told CBS News.

“He was real cordial on the phone — phone call went well,” Wright said. “Like I said, I did most of the talking.”

Wright’s story is a stark contrast with that of Democratic Rep. Frederica S. Wilson, who seemed to imply Trump took a sick pleasure in the death of U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson.

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