With another day, another round of leftists are losing their shit over something that the President didn’t actually do, as claims have surfaced that the White House ordered the Navy to cover up the name of the USS John S. McCain for Trump’s recent visit to forces anchored off Japan.

The claim originated from the eponymous ‘anonymous White House sources’ in a Wall Street Journal article. The piece claimed that an email dated May 15 to Navy and Air Force officials, outlined plans for the president’s arrival and included instructions stating “USS John McCain needs to be out of sight.”

The story was quickly picked up by the New York Times, which further claimed that Navy personnel assigned to the USS John S. McCain were not invited to Trump’s rally on the nearby USS Wasp, and that at least of few of the ship’s sailors wearing its patch were blocked from entering the rally.

CNBC ‘obtained’ and published the email without the ‘to’ and ‘from’ parts. The text also refers to the ship by the incorrect name (It was named after the late senator’s father and grandfather, who were both US Navy admirals):

President Trump immediately noted that he had no knowledge of any efforts to conceal the ship:

The Pentagon also denied any knowledge that requests were made to conceal the McCain.

The Navy also denied the claims:

Some super sleuth basement dwellers did extensive ‘research’ however and noted that the photograph of the ship included with the WSJ article shows it covered with a tarp.

However, this was quickly shot down by the Navy, which notes it is an older photograph.


But the Navy hasn’t used this Twitter account for 5 years… so that means… it’a all a conspiracy, or something:


The Navy Chief of Information, Rear Admiral Charles Brown, did in fact start on the job less than a week ago according to his bio that was updated on May 23. Brown has served as a public affairs officer for over 20 years for several naval fleets.

But…but… uh uh uh…orange man bad:



In addition, a Navy serviceman noted “I served on the McCain for 2 years. This ship is currently undergoing maintenance, which is why there’s scaffolding and protective sheets around it. Also, the ship is named after Senator McCain’s *father*. This is 100% Fake News.”

Leftists simply will not let up, however. The Washington Post doubled down on the dubious story, and a parade of Trump haters declared that it was disgusting, deranged, vindictive, disgraceful… etc etc



Give it 24 hours and watch these tweets mysteriously disappear when it is confirmed to be 100 percent fake news.

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