Facebook and Twitter are both still hosting content by the Antifa group responsible for organizing the violence in Portland on Saturday. The same group also openly doxxes people on their website.

Numerous people were violently attacked during the rally, with journalist Andy Ngo being treated for brain bleed after he was attacked with milkshakes that contained quick drying cement.

Two other men were also clubbed with metal poles and maced in the face during the fracas. One of the victims required 25 stitches after suffering deep gashes to his head.

The group responsible for organizing and bragging about this violence, Rose City Antifa, has not been suspended by Facebook or Twitter, with both Big Tech platforms still hosting their content.

In a post on the group’s official Facebook page, they celebrate the “amazing success” of Saturday’s rally and admit to having been behind the milkshake attack on journalist Andy Ngo.

The group’s Twitter profile, with over 18,000 followers, is still active and tweeting, including a tweet that expresses gratitude for “organizing and getting those tasty milkshakes into your bellies!”

The group is also using Rally.org to raise money for future activities.

The group also brazenly doxxes people on their own website. Here is a screenshot from this page where Haley Adams’ address is listed (it has been blacked out for this article).


I am banned by Facebook for my opinions, but actual domestic terrorists who carry out violence and doxx people are allowed free reign.

But there’s no political bias, honest!


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