Buried in the white paper for Libra, Facebook’s recently announced digital currency, the company showed intention of launching a global digital ID system that will “change the way people trust each other on the internet.”

A report from coindesk says:

“More than launching a price-stable cryptocurrency for the masses, Libra could be aiming to change the way people trust each other on the internet.

At the top of page nine, in a section describing the consortium that will govern the Libra coin, the white paper states:

‘An additional goal of the association is to develop and promote an open identity standard. We believe that decentralized and portable digital identity is a prerequisite to financial inclusion and competition.'”

In 2011 it was reported by MIT that Facebook wanted to be your “internet drivers license.”

Facebook is also attempting to close the “digital divide” by using drones to provide internet access to remote parts of the globe, covering the planet with a grid of surveillance and control.

If Facebook continues with these trends, the world’s information and money flow will be locked down in an authoritarian nightmare scenario.

Libra: “Creation of a New Global Currency”

Is the petrodollar about to be replaced with an “info-dollar?”

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