Facebook has taken no action against abortion activist and State Rep. Brian Sims after he brazenly tried to doxx a group of teenage girls on video.

In the clip, which is still live on Facebook, Sims approaches a small group of protesters outside Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania.

“Here’s the deal; I’ve got a hundred dollars for anybody who will identify any of these three.”

Sims then uses “white people” as a slur against the protesters despite the fact that one of the girls is not even white.

In the Facebook post itself, Sims also openly incites doxxing by writing, “I’ll donate $100 to Planned Parenthood if anyone who knows who these awful people are.”


Despite the post being reported numerous times after it received attention on Twitter yesterday, neither Twitter nor Facebook has taken any action against Sims.

While myself and others were banned by Facebook for nebulous “hate,” Sims is allowed to deliberately break Facebook’s TOS with zero consequences.

He also posted another video in which he harasses an old lady, which could also be argued violates Facebook’s policies on bullying and harassment.

But there’s no political bias amongst social media companies, honest!

Please support my work here. They want to silence us forever. Don’t let them.

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