Facebook has slapped a Trump supporter with a 30 day ban for doing the ‘OK’ hand sign in a photo.

Yes, seriously.

“Just got banned for 30 days because I used the OK sign,” tweeted the God Emperor Trump account. “Go home, Facebook, you’re drunk.”

The ban could also be related to the hat worn by the man, which says “Make Frogs Straight Again”.

The slogan is a reference to the notorious Alex Jones meme based on a rant about gender-bending chemicals in rivers that are causing frogs and fish to become genderless.

Trump supporters have been displaying the OK hand sign ever since the Donald began his presidential campaign in 2015, primarily because Trump would use the gesture inadvertently during speeches.

The media and Silicon Valley have been panicked by the ‘OK’ hand sign ever since a 2017 4chan trolling campaign which set out to trick them into thinking it was secret code for white supremacy.

Earlier this month, a Chicago Cubs fan was banned from Wrigley Field for flashing the gesture during a game.

In a subsequent news report about the incident, NBC News blurred out the image of the hand gesture.

As we highlight in the video below, the moral panic contrived around the ‘OK’ hand sign is illustrative of a clown world gone mad.


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