Facebook has released a statement further explaining their rationale for banning Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson from its platform last week.

The statement, obtained through a confidential media source, claims Jones and Infowars is on a “violent or hateful mission,” and listed several “signals” they say helped them determine if the ban was appropriate, including whether we follow a “hateful ideology,” whatever that means.

“We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that proclaim a violent or hateful mission or are engaged in acts of hate or violence. This is true regardless of ideology or motivation,” the statement reads.

Facebook claims they go through an “extensive process” to decide who is “dangerous,” including:

– Whether they’ve called for or directly carried out acts of violence against people based on factors like race, ethnicity or national origin.

– Whether they’re a self-described or identified follower of a hateful ideology.

– Whether they use hate speech or slurs in their About section on Facebook, Instagram or another social media site.

– Whether they’ve had Pages or Groups removed from Facebook, or accounts removed from Instagram, for posting content that goes against our hate speech policies.

Considering Infowars or Alex Jones clearly don’t meet any of those standards, one wonders what sort of “evidence” Facebook uncovered to implement such a harsh degree of censorship against us.

It’s likely Facebook simply decided that espousing conservative views or opinions contrary to their corporate echo chamber is enough to determine that one is on a “violent or hateful mission.”


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