Facebook has helped far-left publication The Daily Beast dox the user behind the Pelosi meme that went viral last week.

In pursuing the identity of the person who uploaded a slowed-down video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slurring and stammering during a press conference, Facebook confirmed to the The Daily Beast the account belonged to one Shawn Brooks, a black 34-year-old day laborer and Trump supporter.

“But a Facebook official, confirming a Daily Beast investigation, said the video was first posted on Politics Watchdog directly from Brooks’ personal Facebook account,” the Daily Beast reported Saturday.

Why Facebook decided to expose the identity of one of its users to the leftist media despite him not violating the company’s community guidelines remains unclear.

“So…it appears that Facebook helped the reporter who wrote this story identify the person behind the doctored video of Nancy Pelosi — i.e., Facebook used its own internal data to help publicly identify a private citizen,” tweeted National Observer reporter Caroline Orr. “That’s extremely troubling.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald also lambasted Facebook and the Daily Beast for attacking someone “who broke no laws”, simply because they hate his political beliefs.

“This is a disgusting abuse of power by Facebook and a major media corporation against a powerless anonymous citizen who broke now laws,” he tweeted. “It highlights the worst attributes of each and it’s sickening to watch it being defended.”

It’s worth noting that Brooks’ video isn’t even the same one that Trump posted to Twitter last week that outraged MSM to begin with!

The mainstream media regularly doxxes ordinary people who just happen to support President Trump, such as the Covington Catholic students they accused of being racists for wearing Make America Great Again Hats.

Just last year, CNN doxxed an elderly woman after accusing her of unwittingly organizing a pro-Trump event backed by the Russians.

And in 2017, CNN doxxed the user behind the viral wrestling meme depicting President Trump tackling the CNN logo.

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