There’s overwhelming evidence there were multiple shooters at the Las Vegas massacre – and Special Forces veterans who spoke to Infowars said the gunshot acoustics indicate Stephen Paddock didn’t act alone.

Numerous witnesses reported gunfire from multiple locations – and the acoustics indicate several, overlapping firearms according to veterans of Delta Force, Navy SEALs, Green Berets and other military outfits that Infowars spoke to who have first-hand experience in firefights with automatic weapons.

One of these sources, former Navy SEAL leader Craig Sawyer, is a top ballistics expert and a federal criminal investigator who also has his own sources, some of whom are linked to the investigation.

Here’s what he had to say about multiple shooters:

I will get this caveat out there that it’s very important to be accurate… echoes are very confusing, and hearing anything through a microphone is confusing, and one of my best friends is probably the foremost authority on… the acoustics of these big cases, and he’s got these huge computer [setups] to analyze everything.

Having said all that, and acknowledging that it is confusing after the fact to listen to a series of gunshots with echoes, I will say this: some things are beyond [doubt]… it’s apparent anyway. Even though you’re listening to the echoes and even though you’re listening to it after the fact through a microphone that does just change that acoustic signature, it’s still apparent there was more than one shooter.

…You hear [gunshots] very muffled, very far away and then all the sudden, shortly thereafter, you hear very loud, very distinct [gunshots]. That’s a far engagement and a close engagement.

…I feel confident that we’re hearing more than one shooter.

He also pointed out that so far, there’s hasn’t been much footage released of Stephen Paddock, which suggests the footage would derail the mainstream narrative of a lone shooter.

Remember, Las Vegas hotels and casinos are amongst the most surveilled places per square foot in the world, and yet officials haven’t bothered to release much video. Why wouldn’t surveillance footage be released if it collaborates the official story?

That in itself suggests a cover-up of the parties involved in the shooting – and that the real truth goes much deeper than the mainstream narrative.

If there were multiple shooters, this information needs to be released so the public can help find those responsible.

As we reported on Friday, there’s emerging evidence that the Las Vegas shooting was an ISIS attack and that Paddock had been radicalized, either for real or as part of a cover as he had the hallmarks of an intelligence agency cutout.

Remember, intelligence agencies were behind the rise of ISIS as the CIA and other agencies were funding so-called “moderate” rebels in the Syrian Civil War who were fighting alongside ISIS in an attempt to overthrow President Assad.

Many of these “moderate” rebels later pledged allegiance to ISIS.

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