Roger Stone has provided Infowars with an exclusive statement regarding the recent announcement that the DOJ Inspector General will be investigating the conduct of DOJ employees working on a case brought against him last year.

Read the full transcript below:

If reports are accurate that the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice has initiated an investigation into the conduct of DOJ officials in connection with the case brought against me by the Special Counsel prosecutors, specifically at the sentencing phase, I wholeheartedly welcome such an inquiry.

The DOJ-IG investigators can begin by obtaining, for their own investigation, and ultimately releasing for scrutiny by my own counsel and by the public, all communications made by the four prosecutors pertaining to, or otherwise referencing, the substance and the prosecutorial conduct of the case against me. This would include, especially, any communications by the four prosecutors to or from any person or party outside the DOJ who was not a material witness in the case, and any employee or official of any branch of government who was not specifically assigned to the case and cleared through the DOJ to access case materials and otherwise communicate about it with the four prosecutors, or any other DOJ official.

The lead Mueller prosecutor in this case, Aaron Zelinsky, testified under oath to the House Judiciary Committee in a public hearing in which Zelinsky made unsubstantiated hearsay allegations of political pressure being brought from higher DOJ officials, purported to involve pressure from the White House, to lessen the sentencing recommendation of 7-9 years incarceration devised by the four prosecutors.

No evidence has been produced by Zelinsky or anyone else to substantiate his claims that any pressure, political or otherwise, was brought to bear in my case by any White House officials or senior DOJ management. The complete disgorgement of the prosecutors’ entire communications, without the many extensive redactions applied to the limited communications publicly released around the time of Zelinsky’s testimony, will undoubtedly demonstrate not only that Zelinsky lied to Congress about political pressure, but further that his own conduct and that of his cohorts prosecuting my case was tainted by their own partisan animus and motivated by their own political fealties extending beyond their tenure as prosecutors.

The secrecy and redactions applied to materials in my case, whether case documents or internal DOJ communications, are not only excessive and indefensible, but also highly suspicious. These many redactions need to be explained or removed from what has been released and any further releases must be free of any such unexplained or unjustified omissions. This isn’t some national security case. There are no sensitive intelligence, diplomatic or military implications.  All parties involved are U.S. citizens. There is no continuing investigation nor other pending cases involving its subject matter. It is a domestic criminal prosecution of a sole defendant by jury trial in a federal district court for offenses implicating only legislative oversight of domestic political activities. Secrecy and concealment, especially by the prosecutors who demonstrably lied or otherwise embellished their representations to both the court and to my defense counsel.

In addition to his other perjurious claims to Congress, under oath, prosecutor Zelinsky also falsely testified that the four prosecutors’ draconian 7-9 year prison sentence recommendation was in line with the standard practice within the DOJ concerning calculation of sentencing recommendations under federal sentencing guidelines. This is patently false.

Attorney General Barr testified under oath to the House Judiciary Committee that, “the US Attorney came to me and said that the four aligned prosecutors were threatening to resign unless they could recommend seven to nine years, but there was no comparable case to support that. It would have been a very disparate sentence. All the cases were clustered around the three years sentence.

The four prosecutors in my case defrauded the U.S. District Court and the public in this case in a manner substantially-prejudicial to my rights to a fair trial, with a full and complete airing of all relevant evidence bearing upon the charges against me.

I intend to soon file a formal comprehensive disciplinary complaint with the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility outlining the antics and manipulations of the four prosecutors in my case, who are continually characterized falsely in media accounts as ‘non-partisan career prosecutors’.

These prosecutors, upon further scrutiny and any reasonable assessment of their professional affiliations, are clearly political associates of either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, who served in non-prosecutorial positions for either of these partisan politicians or for various appointees made by or closely connected to one or both of these partisan politicians.

I remain eternally grateful to President Donald J. Trump for sparing me a likely death sentence which I faced in the incarceration sought by the DOJ prosecutors in my case in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic, with the judge ultimately ordering my commitment to a federal penitentiary through which Covid-19 had substantially spread.

The President’s commutation of my sentence recognized that I had been denied a fair trial and that my case was conducted and heard by individuals, from the prosecutor to the judge to the jury, who all evinced clear partisan animus prejudicial to me and a willingness to act on it in a biased manner, to my detriment. The President’s act of clemency was one of both justice and mercy, for which I could never show my gratitude sufficiently enough to reflect the life-saving difference it made to my family and to me personally.

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