David Kramer
LRC Blog
March 18, 2009

[efoods]After I wrote that blog on the MIAC report revealing what the State of Missouri considered “terrorist” characteristics, Mark Carroll sent me an email telling me that this didn’t begin with Missouri. The Department of Justice and the FBI issued a report back in 1999 called “Project Megiddo” that pretty much stated the same nonsense that the MIAC report did.

Here’s a PDF of the report: http://www.constitution.org/y2k/megiddo.pdf

By the way, since the Second Amendment grants citizens the right to bear arms in order to form a militia to defend themselves against a tyrannical Federal Government (and you thought the Second Amendment was about personal defense–shame on you), I actually think it is a good sign that the Feds are starting to fear the sprouting up of their enemies: the Militias.

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