European Council President Donald Tusk has said leaders of the 27 remaining European Union nations have given the ‘green light’ to preparations for the second phase of talks, as the prime minister pledged her “unconditional commitment” to European defence.

The announcement comes after a series of appeasements made by Prime Minister Theresa May on the transition period, the European Court of Justice, and recently her offer to pay a Brexit ‘divorce bill’ of €20 billion which President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajan called “peanuts”, demanding tens of billions more.

She has also conceded on EU migrants’ residency rights in the UK after sources revealed that a deal between Britain and the EU on the matter is now “done and dusted” and that any EU migrants arriving in Britain before its formal departure from the bloc in 2019 will be allowed to acquire “settled status”, leading to fears of a migrant influx and mass family reunifications pushing net migration to record levels.

Hitherto, European figures have repeatedly dismissed Britain’s attempts at broadening negotiations by claiming “no sufficient progress” had been made.

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