In the hours following the jihad attack on the Orlando nightclub, the mainstream media buzzed with conjecture, trying to get to the crux of why this mass shooting happened. Their conclusion? Anything but Islamic terror.

A montage of various news clips was posted to Facebook showcasing the egregious things pundits have been saying since the news broke, from blaming guns to comparing this violence to white supremacy. The clips show a local Orlando imam pleading with the country to avoid “sensation news and rushing to judgment.” Well, it was too late for that:

Before the blood of innocents could fully dry, the talking heads were bloviating all about how this could be the result of a “white hate movement.” Meanwhile, one eyewitness who played dead to survive was telling ABC News how the shooter was sparing all the black people, telling them, “I don’t have issue with the blacks:”

Even the shooter’s father can’t admit that Islam had anything to do with his son’s actions, saying he didn’t have a beard.

Nor could a CNN analyst make the determination that this was a terror attack even though the suspect was a Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS:

Journalism is truly dead, further exemplified by a Huffington Post writer whose response to an Islamic terror attack has nothing to do with a violent religion and everything to do with guns and masculinity:

How about our toxic media problem?

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