eFoodsDirect, a company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of emergency food announced an overwhelming response to their plan of getting food to the victims of the devastating tornadoes that have wrecked havoc across Oklahoma and the Midwest this past few weeks.

On May 20th a massive tornado (rated EF-5) cut a swath over 1 mile wide through the city of Moore, Oklahoma just south of Oklahoma City. The path of the tornado was 17 miles long and passed directly over neighborhoods, hospitals, and two elementary schools. It is estimated over 33,000 individuals were impacted including 24 who lost their lives.

More deadly tornadoes struck in and around Oklahoma City on Friday June 1, 2013 and 18 more deaths have been reported.

eFoodsDirect wanted to help those impacted by the tornadoes so they reached out to their email list and provided a plan whereby people could send a supply of long-term storable and emergency food to the tornado victims. In less than a week more than 37,000 servings of food were donated through eFoods by individuals wanting to help.

Those wanting to donate can order and send a 7-Day Emergency Food Supply for $25.00, which normally sells for $59.95 and includes 37 servings of delicious and nutritious shelf-stable food. The remaining cost of the food supply plus shipping fees is subsidized by eFoodsDirect. Anyone can make an affordable food donation which will be distributed directly to the victims hit hardest by these tornadoes.

“Having been in the emergency preparedness industry for over 30 years, we are keenly aware of the life-changing effect these massive natural disasters have on individuals and families,” said Steve Shenk, co-founder of eFoodsDirect, “ and we had to find a way for everyone to help. The response has been overwhelming.”

eFoodsDirect is working around the clock to get these supplies shipped to Oklahoma as fast as possible. The shipment of 7-Day Emergency Food Supplies will be shipped to the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank and directly distributed to those impacted by the tornadoes.

The initial donation effort focused on eFoodsDirect’s email list. Now eFoodsDirect is excited to open up this donation opportunity to anyone interested in helping those in need.

Simply go to efoodsdirect.com/OK or call 1-800-876-0871 and follow the steps to order the Oklahoma Disaster Relief 1-Week Food Supply. The Oklahoma Regional Food Bank has assured eFoodsDirect that 100% of the food donated will go to those that were hit hardest by the recent tornadoes.

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