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These days, you almost have to be looking for announcements that some of your local produce has been contaminated with the E. coli bacteria, though outbreaks continue to occur with disturbing frequency.

Back in 2006, it was big news when 205 people were found to have been poisoned from pre-packaged spinach. Since then, similar incidents have been occurring on a regular basis, yet they seem barely to be noticed or reported on. Is it because these poisonings involve fewer victims? Or are they just becoming more common, all just so much “yesterday’s news”?

According to Bill Marler, who reports on food poisoning outbreaks and litigation across the United States and Canada, “E. coli outbreaks associated with lettuce, specifically the ‘pre-washed’ and ‘ready-to-eat’ varieties, are by no means a new phenomenon. In fact, the frequency with which this country’s fresh produce consuming public has been hit by outbreaks of pathogenic bacteria is astonishing.”

E. coli contamination can be caused by any number of things, but most commonly the plants are grown too close to sources of animal—and yes, even human—feces. Just last month there was a recall of pre-packaged spinach that had been sent out to 39 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Did you even hear about it? That’s a lot of spinach. Not all the leaves were known to be contaminated, but it all came from one processor, so steps were taken to recall all of it.

Because spinach and lettuce leaves often arrive at the bagging plant from different farms where the leaves are washed and bagged all together, it is not always easy to trace the contaminated product back to the specific farm it came from. And even though the leaves are often rinsed three times during the process, the FDA says these rinsings will not remove E. coli bacteria.

It’s more important than ever to know who is processing your food and what steps are being taken to keep it pure. At, every step in the process, from farm to factory is stringently monitored to maintain purity of the product. Not only are Efoods’ procedures monitored by the FDA and USDA, but is the only player in the storable foods industry whose products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, which is the world’s most trusted and recognized Kosher certification. What that means for the consumer is that the strictest controls possible have been put in place to insure the food that arrives at EfoodsDirect is absolutely clean.

Although the food provided by is manufactured to last for 20-30 years, many people are choosing to consume the products on a daily basis because they find the taste, quality, and price preferable to much of what they can find in the grocery store. And because the people at EfoodsDirect go above and beyond what even the law requires for food safety, you can be guaranteed that what you’re putting into your body is what is on the label only, and no surprises.

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