A Philadelphia police officer assaulted his supervisor Saturday after arriving to work intoxicated.

The officer, six-year veteran Darryl Cathey, was noticed by coworkers shortly after midnight when his patrol vehicle pulled up to the station with three flat tires.

According to a Sergeant who approached the scene, Cathey, who smelled heavily of alcohol, failed to explain how his tires became damaged.

As police attempted to take Cathey into custody, the inebriated officer became violent, says CBS Philly.

“A struggle ensued with the supervisor and other cops before he was taken for processing,” the report states.

After being taken into custody, Cathey was charged with multiple offenses including DUI, aggravated and simple assault and criminal mischief.

Both the Accident Investigation Division and Internal Affairs are said to be looking into the incident as well as the events leading up to the vehicle being damaged.

Cathey, who received a 30 day suspension, will likely be fired from the force according to Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

“The department takes these type of incidents seriously and behavior that doesn’t conform with department policy will not be tolerated,” a Lt. Stanford confirmed. “The appropriate action will be taken against this officer as soon as all charges are filed.”

A neighbor of the officer told NBC 10 that she was completely unsurprised by Cathey’s behavior.

“I’ve seen some disturbing things happen,” the woman said.

Incredibly, Cathey had already been fired from the force in 2013 after being accused of assaulting a girlfriend and receiving a charge for robbery. The Fraternal Order of Police was said to be integral in Cathey’s reinstatement.

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