Donald Trump has called the Security Council’s inaction against Syria’s President Bashar al Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons as a “failure” while they were sitting next to him after a White House luncheon. 

The president said he is “disappointed” because the “UN doesn’t like to take on problems and said the 15 member countries of the Security Council have remained “blindfolded” for decades to taking action on threats like North Korea.

Sources told The Independent that the Security Council also met with members of Congress for coffee and discussed North Korea, Syria, and what Mr Trump called “big reforms” to the UN that certain US legislators and Mr Trump would like to see.

US Ambassador the UN Nikki Haley, who holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council this month – said the meeting was a chance for members to see what the president is “engaged in foreign policy” and how he “really need[s] them to engage.”

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