Newly released notes of FBI agent Peter Strzok regarding Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn implicate former President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in the FBI investigation against the former White House National Security Adviser.

The Department of Justice on Wednesday released Strzok’s handwritten notes from January 4th, 2017, the day before the infamous closed-door Oval Office meeting between Obama, Biden, ex-FBI Director James Comey, ex-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and former CIA Director John Brennan coordinating the FBI investigation into Flynn.

Strzok’s handwritten notes reveal that Biden himself invoked the Logan Act as the basis for going after Flynn.

They also show that Obama himself directly ordered the targeting of Flynn, telling Comey: “Have the right people on the case.”

Despite Comey telling Obama that Flynn’s calls with Kislyak “appear legit”, they went ahead with the hit job against Flynn anyway.

“Strzok’s notes believed to be of January 4, 2017, reveal that former President Obama, James Comey, Sally Yates, Joe Biden and apparently Susan Rice discussed the transcripts of Flynn’s calls and how to proceed against him,” the court document states.

As the true story behind the Michael Flynn emerges, it appears that the FBI falsified reports, withheld evidence and bullied a 33 year military veteran and his family in order to protect the deep state.

“Mr. Obama himself directed that ‘the right people’ investigate General Flynn.”

These revelations likely influenced the DC Court of Appeals decision to dismiss the case against Flynn on Wednesday, a ruling that President Trump himself praised on Twitter.

Additional evidence that Flynn was set up by the Obama administration came from handwritten FBI notes released in April explaining their intent behind their ambush interview of Flynn at the end of January 2017.

“What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute [Flynn] or get him fired?” the note reads.

“If we get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act, give facts to DOJ + have them decide.” The memo considered the pros and cons of doing so, while cautioning: “If we’re seen as playing games, WH [White House] will be furious.”

After the DOJ moved to dismiss Flynn following those revelations, which was initially stalled by Obama-appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan, Obama himself made panicked remarks, warning in a leaked phone call with Democrat leaders that “institutional norms” and the “basic understanding of rule of law are at risk.”

When Biden was confronted about the January 5 Oval Office meeting and personally unmasking Flynn amid the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation, he denied any knowledge of the FBI’s investigation into Flynn.

“I was aware that there was — that they asked for an investigation, but that’s all I know about it, and I don’t think anything else,” Biden told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos last month.

As for Strzok, who was deeply involved in Crossfire Hurricane and Hillary Clinton’s “Midyear Exam” probe, he was fired by the FBI in 2018 after anti-Trump texts between him and agency lawyer Lisa Page surfaced.

“Your excessive, repeated, and politically charged text messages while you were assigned as the lead case agent on the FBI’s two biggest and most politically sensitive investigations in decades, demonstrated a gross lack of professionalism and exceptionally poor judgement,” the Justice Department told Strzok in 2019.




Watch as Joe Biden and the rest of the Obama administration degenerates are exposed now that acting DNI director Richard Grenell has released the names of officials that asked for NSA unmasking in the days leading up to the Trump administration.

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