A pack of dogs mauled a woman near a Costco parking lot, an incident of which highlights the importance of gun ownership as protection against dangerous animals.

Police say the woman was found dead at the Bakersfield Costco this past weekend and had traumatic injuries resulting from an attack by at least three dogs, but investigators have not yet ruled out other medical conditions that may have attributed to her death.

“The altercation between the woman and the dogs likely began at an industrial yard near the warehouse store and ended in the parking lot based on paw prints and other evidence at the scene, [Bakersfield police Sgt. Nathan] McCauley said,” reported Oregon Live. “Two of the dogs involved in the attack — a pit bull terrier and a mixed breed — belonged to a nearby business owner.”

“The third dog, a pit bull terrier, was a stray. One of the dogs has already been euthanized, and the rest are scheduled to be killed, McCauley said.”

The lack of surveillance footage has kept the investigation open into her exact cause of death.

The story brings to mind the woman who was mauled to death in her own yard by her neighbor’s six loose dogs in Tennessee, as reported by WTVF:

Peterson was out behind her home clearing a drainage ditch on Tuesday night when suddenly six German shepherds belonging to a neighbor viciously began to attack the defenseless woman.

“When she started back in the house, that’s when they got her and attacked her. They drug her down there in the yard and all of her clothes was off. They just tore them, her shoes and everything. All of her hair is out. The casket can’t be open. It’s like a nightmare. It’s hard to believe,” Brown said.

Now, if you found yourself in a similar situation as these two women, would you rather have a gun to defend yourself?

Discussions over concealed carry have largely revolved around two-legged threats, but the use of firearms to defend against four-legged critters is often understated.

Case in point, in a recent Ask Amy advice column, a mother said she wanted to evict her 24-year-old daughter because she owned a gun, stating that “there have only been two home invasions in our neighborhood in the last 11 years.”

But what about vicious dogs?

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