Griffin Edwards of the Independent Voter Project points out how the WikiLeak’s tranche underscores the fact elections are rigged and primaries steered by apparatchiks of both political parties.

Edwards writes:

As private organizations, political parties are largely unaccountable to the American voter. Therefore, although the emails are shocking, they’re (largely) legal. Americans are outraged, but unable to change anything. Party bosses can continue to choose candidates, exclude independents, and discredit serious challengers.

Even with serious scandal like Clinton’s email imbroglio, the system continues to operate without disruption:

What’s more, because the duopoly offers voters limited choices, even a massive scandal like this one will do little to loosen the two-party vice grip on American politics.

In addition to immunity from charges of serious malfeasance that would send a normal citizen to prison, the system is able to prevent people from voting (while claiming the other side is working to limit or disallow voters):

Want proof? Wasserman Schultz long ago publicly voiced her support for closed primaries. One uncovered email relates to how the Democratic Party even reduced polling locations during Rhode Island primaries to dilute support for Hillary’s chief rival, Bernie Sanders.

And if it took this long for something like this to enter the public limelight, imagine how long it’s been going on — not just among Democrats, but also Republicans.

Now that the conventions have played out, the next step for the ruling elite is to control the debates and make sure outsiders like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are not allowed to participate despite appreciable support among the electorate:

If recent history is our guide, both the RNC and DNC will be looking for ways to discredit, exclude, and downplay outside challengers. In fact, the Commission on Presidential Debates is LITERALLY a partnership between the Republican and Democratic Parties. Imagine the emails circulating right now strategizing how to prevent Johnson and other third party or independent candidates from competing in November.

If the Republicans and Democrats really sought to serve the people, rather than themselves, they wouldn’t stifle competition — whether inside or outside their parties — they’d welcome it.

Julian Assange has promised additional emails as we head into the final battle in November. However, the emails previously made public provide enough evidence elections are rigged and if the current system remains in place outsiders will never be allowed to challenge the elite and put an end to their iron-fisted hold on what passes for democracy in America.

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