From an Antifa-sympathizing Attorney General and potential George Soros funding to suspicious individuals provoking rioters and the media egging them on, the mayhem taking place following the death of George Floyd is exactly what the global elite want.

Whenever race-related riots take place in America, you can be sure infamous globalist George Soros has his handprints on the situation in one way or another.

Conservative activist Candace Owens responded to Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo’s claim that criminal activity was being instigated by people from outside the city by suggesting the Soros-funded NGO Open Society Foundation is funding the operation.

“My guess: As he did with Antifa, Democrat George Soros has these thugs on payroll. He is funding the chaos via his Open Society Foundation,” she wrote.

Open Society Foundation responded to Owens, claiming they “don’t pay people to protest,” but Candace fired back, asking, “Just what exactly was the 33 million given to Black Lives Matter for?”

Another individual who may be sympathetic to those who want to destroy the city of Minneapolis is Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

A viral picture from 2018 shows Keith Ellison holding a copy of Antifa The Anti-Fascist Handbook in a now-deleted Twitter post where he wrote, “I just found the book that strike fear in the heart of Donald Trump.”

The internet has revived this image and it is going viral in the wake of the George Floyd riots.

Speaking of Antifa, pictures and videos of suspicious individuals taking part in the chaos are receiving attention online.

The most notable incident was caught on film as a white man wearing a gas mask broke the windows of an Auto Zone auto parts store in broad daylight.

A black man tried to stop the suspicious vandal, followed him when he tried to leave and almost got into a fistfight with the man.

“I’m on your side,” the masked individual said before swiping at the phone of the person filming.

“Are you a fucking cop?” another protester screamed as the saboteur quickly walked away.

After the footage went viral, internet users claimed to have found the suspect’s identity.

A Twitter user posted screenshots of text messages alleging the suspicious man is a St. Paul police officer named Jacob Pederson, but this rumor has not been verified.

The St. Paul Police Department addressed the rumors by saying, “We looked into it. It’s false,” but that doesn’t prove anything either.

An image, allegedly taken at the Minneapolis riot, shows a white “protester” with what appears to be an earpiece, which are commonly worn by police or intelligence.

A Google reverse image search shows no account of this image appearing online before Thursday, May 28.

Infowars has documented agent provocateurs hijacking protests for over a decade.

Obviously there are real, organic looters and vandals committing crimes as well, but escalating the situation is beneficial to the establishment.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media and Democrat politicians are only encouraging those who are rioting and are blaming the entire affair on white people.

In a hilarious video clip, MSNBC reporter Ali Velshi attempted to downplay the “protest” as “not generally speaking unruly.”

Tucker Carlson covered the media’s promotion of the riots in the following segment:

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar called the riots “just” and “warranted,” while Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey claimed the rioters’ anger stemmed from 400 years of slavery and racism.

One thing is certain, the political establishment wants Americans divided and the more chaos they can cause leading up to the 2020 election, the better chance they have of obtaining their number one goal at the moment, which is removing President Trump from office.

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