A Disney World visitor has been banned for the second time after again displaying a banner advocating President Donald Trump’s re-election.

Image credit: Dion Cini / WOFL

The theme park issued a trespass notice to Dion Cini after he was pictured holding up a sign reading, “Trump 2020,” on the Splash Mountain ride.

“The ride picture reportedly came with a note from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office saying that Cini trespassed and his conduct is not welcomed on Disney property,” according to Fox 35 WOFL.

The trespass order, issued after Cini was escorted off the property, reportedly extends to “all Disney World properties, including theme parks, resorts and Disney Springs,” WOFL reports.

Cini had previously been banned by Disney after he displayed a large Trump 2020 banner in the park’s Magic Kingdom last September. The ban was rescinded, however, on the condition that Cini no longer displays signs that “incite crowds.”


Claiming his signs did not “incite crowds,” Cini argues he should not have been banned, but says he will respect the park’s demand and obey the law.

Cini was also profiled in a CNN piece last August for triggering New York City leftists with a kayak flying a Trump 2020 flag.

“Sometimes you hear, ‘I hope you get hit by a boat, I hope you drown,’ from the top of their lungs, as loud as they can,” Cini told CNN, describing the Trump Derangement Syndrome he experiences while canoeing.

Cini says the hateful comments merely embolden his support for Trump.

“Of course I’m not gonna stop doing anything. Maybe I’ll get a bigger flag – a 20 foot flag. And a bigger boat.”

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