A disabled Navy veteran has just had all of his firearms confiscated due to false claims made by his next door neighbor.

Rick Bailey, 56, was honorably discharged from the Navy with a medical discharge in 1986. He then worked as a software systems engineer until 2001, when he finally had to retire due to medical reasons.

Bailey was recently involved in a landscaping dispute with his neighbor, Dustin Moss. These verbal disagreements reportedly lasted for several months.

On March 16th, Bailey called the police due to a strong smell of toxic chemicals coming from his neighbors home. Then on March 17th, Moss went to the courthouse and filed for a protective order, stating that Bailey threatened to shoot him quite some time ago.

I personally spoke with Bailey who adamantly denies ever making those threats. Furthermore, there’s no police record of any complaints made against Bailey.

Despite having no evidence other than the allegations made by Moss, Judge Baxter still issued the protective order. The judge also attached a separate injunction to confiscate all of Mr. Bailey’s firearms.

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