Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dick Morris: Obama Will Never Get Another Major Piece Of Legislation Passed 210110top

Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris told Fox News yesterday that the election of Scott Brown was such a momentous event that it has killed all prospects of President Obama ever getting another major piece of legislation passed during his time in office.

Although Morris said that a watered down version of the health care bill would probably sneak through, he characterized the result as “absolutely incredible,” adding, “Nothing will ever be the same”.

“Let’s just stop for a second and understand the magnitude of the earthquake that hit Massachusetts….ultimately this is the end of the Obama ascendancy, he will never get another major piece of legislation passed,” said Morris.

However, as Alex Jones has warned, we heard similar noises when the Democrats seized control of the House and Senate back in 2006, and yet the wars, the big government and the attack on freedom only gathered more pace.

Indeed, despite the fact that Brown’s victory is being hailed as a crushing blow for the government, and there’s no doubt that it does represent a massive rejection of the Obama agenda, the fact remains that the Democrats hold a sizable majority in both the House and Senate, with the Senate majority being considerably larger than that enjoyed by Republicans during George W. Bush’s second term.

[efoods]It’s therefore somewhat baffling as to why Democrats have manufactured talking points focused around the notion that, “It is mathematically impossible for Democrats to pass legislation on our own.”

Could we be witnessing another bait and switch with the election of Brown? Will the two party monopoly that ultimately sing from the same hymn sheet merely use Brown as a steam valve for populist anger at the Obama administration’s drive for big government socialism while vigorously pushing ahead with their agenda anyway?

The conservative John Birch Society warns us not to read too much into the election of Brown.

“Brown’s win is not likely to foreshadow any a sea-change in American politics,” writes Beverly K. Eakman. “Just as President Barack Obama’s campaign promises of a new era of transparency, an end to earmarks for pet projects, and no tax increases for those earning less than $250,000, those promises turned out to be the kind of propaganda anybody with a functioning brain knew they would be, Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts will not result in a massive return to constitutional principles.”

Ultimately, the significance of what unfolded in Massachusetts this week will rest on who takes control of the steering wheel. Either the Independents and the grass roots populists who were instrumental in kicking out Martha Coakley will step up to the plate and use this as a springboard to get real constitutionalists like Rand Paul in office, or the whole movement will once again be hijacked and co-opted by fake neo-cons like Glenn Beck and Fox News, who routinely siphon off real political movements for change and turn them into ineffectual side-shows, as they did with the Tea Party groups.

Watch the clip below.

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